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Why Your Family Should Explore The Globe

It doesn’t matter how old your children are, they will always benefit from a holiday exploring a new country.

In this case, a whole new continent. If you and they have never been travelling around the world before, you’ll be in for a treat. Challenging your family to try something entirely new and explore everywhere from the Northern Lights to Scandinavia is exciting!

Usually, trips across multiple countries are a once in a lifetime experience for a family. Children often get the chance to take part in school trips across the globe for science or geography purposes. It’s a fortunate situation to be in if you can afford to pay for an excitingly educational ski trip in the Alps. The other option that most educational facilities love are Iceland school trips that focus on geographical diversity of the region. But what about your family holiday? Where should you be heading for the best educational opportunities for your children around the world?

Northern Lights: One of the greatest displays that nature has to offer us, the Northern Lights, is a free light show seen mainly in the Arctic circle. Heading up to Finnish Lapland is the best place to see them, and you also get a fantastic family holiday out of it. The educational aspect of the Aurora Borealis mixed with the fun of a snowshoeing, snowmobile safari is an experience most children will never get again. Make sure you visit a reindeer farm whilst you’re there, too; you can’t visit Lapland without one!


Greek Islands: Often overlooked, the Greek Islands are more than just one place. Full of history and artefacts of Greek culture, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, sleepy villages and amazing simplistic food. The Islands themselves are universally appealing and as such, each has their own little piece of history to discover. You’ll be able to indulge in activities you wouldn’t normally find at home such as scuba diving and snorkelling, which will allow you and your children to have some experiences of marine life! Greece has not been without its tourism troubles in the last few years but the result for holidaymakers worldwide are fantastic deals to find when searching for the perfect holiday.

Rome/Naples/Sicily, Italy: Whether your children are beginners when it comes to classics or not, heading directly to the source and following in the very large footsteps of the ancient Romans will be enough to change any mind out there. You can find multiple tours that lead you through Rome and Pompeii through the eyes of a child, which means the education they would get is directly aimed at their age group. You’ll be able to get them involved right to the ground with the information about the Romans and where they came from, as well as their bloody history which children will absolutely love!

The Galapagos: We’ve covered history, classics and some science so what about a little biology and wildlife? Heading to the Galapagos will give you and your family the experience of some of the most famous wildlife-watching in the world. The Galapagos is a land of stark lava formations, turquoise bays, tropical ocean fronts and lush green highlands. A dot in the middle of the Pacific, the islands are overflowing with wildlife wherever you look. Get your walking boots on and hike up the volcano, swim with the sea lions and kayak around the many beaches. The best season sits in July, where you can watch humpback whales in the ocean and penguins on the shores.

The Maldives: Usually lauded as a luxury honeymoon destination, you can travel to the Maldives for an educational, relaxing holiday too. The islands compete to offer the best wildlife packages for children and parents can relax while the children engage in a whole new view of the world. White sand, crystal clear ocean and kids clubs to have fun in make this family holiday destination more relaxing and zen than say trawling up the volcanos of the Galapagos!

Canada: For a break to get back to the great outdoors, Canada is where you should be headed. Not only can you get a glimpse of grizzly bears, you can book some ski time in the snow-covered Rockies or go snowboarding down Whistler. With some of the most exciting slopes in the world, Canada and its breath-taking scenery should not be overlooked. Take the kids to Lake Louise and make up some ‘spot the animal’ packs for them when you go. Include the moose or bald eagle on your list and see how many they can spot! If you want something to get their blood pumping, you can choose mountain biking, kayaking, white water rafting and horseback riding as some of the activities to do during the time you’re away.

California, USA: Not only can you explore the San Andreas fault line in California, you and the kids can head to San Francisco and experience some of the family offerings here in the most family friendly state in the USA. Hiking the towering redwoods, exploring wine country by bicycle and heading to the Golden Gate Bridge for some awe-inspiring education on physics are all activities you should get the whole family involved in. The culture here is so different from what you may be used to and going rather Man VS Food on their restaurant challenges could be a fun activity for Dad to get involved in!


Your holiday choices for your children will imprint in their memories like the writing through a stick of rock, so choose your destinations wisely.

Map out routes that allows them to gain multiple experiences both sensory and educational that they will never be able forget and will talk about in years to come.

Whether you want to broaden their horizons alongside the trips that their school can offer or you want to broaden your own experiences, family holidays are very important.

Getting into nature and learning through doing are just as important as learning at school and that is exactly why so many holidays are aimed at families.

  • Plus of course there’s always my families favourite holiday destination – Walt Disney World Resort!