New York

Why New York is on my bucket list!

Everyone I know has a “bucket list of destinations” to visit during their lifetime and for me
most of those places are linked to my well travelled family.

My mother’s family has American
history & my father’s has Canadian, so I’ve plenty of beautiful cities to visit such as  –

– New York – Chicago – Rockford – Milwaukee – Eau Claire – Winnipeg –

Sometimes to see the full beauty of a place it’s good to look back into it’s past…

~~ New York ~~

Even though I’ve yet to visit the amazingly diverse and exciting destination of New York it already holds a special place in my heart because it was the city which first welcomed my maternal Grandparents to the United States of America when they emigrated from Great Britain before the 1st World War.

Ellis Island

Alf & Janie Curtis – Rockford, Illinois

Upon arrival in The Big Apple I’d love to be able to immerse myself in the cities bygone times by discovering the places where my Grandparents actually traversed.

My first port of call so to speak would be to visit where up until the mid 1950s some 12 million immigrants disembarked, hopeful to begin their new lives in America; the now infamous Ellis Island in New York’s Upper Bay.

Ellis Island

Ellis Island

New York

Liberty Island

Both Ellis Island and the neighbouring Liberty Island where the ever watchful and internationally iconic Lady Liberty lights the way into New York Harbour are designated as a National Parks and are open to tourists each day excepting Christmas.

Ellis Island and Liberty Island are reached by ferry boats which are operated year round by the official tour operators Statue Cruises. There are several levels of tickets available to purchase suiting most visitor levels of interest with both guided and self guided historic tours for each Island. It’s worth noting that purchasing tickets ahead of time is highly recommended via the Statue Cruises website.Ellis Island

To enhance a visit to Ellis Island and especially if like me you have relatives who passed through this Island of Hope, Island of Tears I suggest doing a little online research via the Liberty Ellis Foundation where it’s easy to check passenger lists for free; I was incredibly moved when I discovered my Grandparents & Uncle’s names and also the names of the steam ships they travelled on.


Where in the world does your family history take you? 

Let me know in the comments below.