Want To Do Something Different This Christmas? Then Jet Off To Sunnier Climes!

Christmas traditions can be fun to follow, but you don’t have to be completely ruled by them…

So if Christmas Day spent lying on a beach in the sun sounds like something you’d rather be doing, then why not just go for it?

Christmas at home can be lovely of course, but if you don’t like the idea of the freezing cold, fighting your way through the hustle and bustle and sticking to traditions right down to a tee then you don’t have to!

Christmas Holiday

Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of going away this coming Christmas ~

  • Research Your Destination

As we in the northern hemisphere move through the autumn and into the winter, countries in the southern hemisphere are in spring going through to summer. This means you can jet off to a country that’s not only warm, but experiencing their hottest weather of the year!

Australia, South America and parts of Africa will all be in the middle of a scorching summer come December, so these could be places to consider if you want somewhere really hot.

There are lots of other destinations with mild and warm Decembers too which will make a welcome change if you’re used to freezing cold Christmases.

Check out average temperatures for the time of year, and work out exactly what kind of weather you want. If for example, you’re traveling with children, you might choose to go somewhere that’s warm and sunny but not scorching.

  • Research Health Advice

Many countries will require vaccinations, so do your research.  Find out what’s recommended based on the destination and the time of year.

Malaria is a particularly nasty illness to watch out for and is prevalent in a whole host of countries with warm climates. As well as vaccinations you can get bands, mosquito nets and malaria tablets for your holiday.   If traveling with a baby, you’ll need to make sure they have all of their regular childhood immunisations before jetting off, these can usually be done earlier than scheduled if you’re going away, so make sure this is sorted in good time.

  • Consider Delays

Christmas is a busy time at airports, on the roads and on public transport. Consider how you will be getting to the airport and leave early to account for any delays.

Being the middle of winter, there’s also a chance of delays due to bad weather too. Make sure you’re wrapped up warm, and have money set aside for plenty of hot drinks if you end up getting held up on the trail! 

Christmas Holiday

  • Check Passports Are Up To Date

If you’re planning on jetting off this December, you actually don’t have too much time to get organised! But while you’re rushing around getting everything sorted, don’t forget to double check the passports of everyone you’re traveling with.

Some destinations require passports to be valid for three months beyond your stay & others six months. So even if it’s currently in date, it doesn’t always mean you can use it.

Passport renewals can be with you in as little as three weeks, or you can pay extra to get it the same day or week. So you still have time to get it done if you want to travel for Christmas! 

  • Pack Properly

If you’re flying to a hot country, it’s tempting to fill your case with swimwear, flip flops and summer clothes, but don’t forget that when you get back it will be the dead of winter and so warm suitable clothes to travel back in are crucial.

It might seem a bit weird packing winter coats for a sunny holiday, but it needs to be done.

  • Think About Christmas Gifts

Consider Christmas Day itself and the exchange of gifts and decide how you’ll go about this while you’re away.

Maybe you want to go on holiday over the festive period to make Christmas a simpler time, in which case you might decide to not do gifts at all; indeed the holiday itself could be the gift.

Perhaps you could pack a couple of small items and give those to each other while you’re away that way you get the present swapping experience but without the hassle.

Alternatively, arrange to buy gifts for each other while you’re at your holiday destination.

Finally, you could decide to organise a ‘Christmas round two’ when you get home; cook up a turkey dinner and swap presents when you’re home from your travels!

Christmas Holiday

Will you be going away this Christmas? Is it something you’ve ever considered or done?

Let me know in the comments! 

Christmas holiday Disney

This is my festive family last Christmas Day at Walt Disney World Resort! 

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