Vivus Loans for Savvy Borrowers

I would never advise any of my readers to jump into a new debt or loan situation without carefully adding up their finances and certainly considering all options available…

but I think that Vivus truly offers today’s shrewd borrowers a different approach to short-term lending.

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Vivus is the newest word on the street for short-term loans.  

  • Simply put Vivus is a loan company & not a broker.  
  • Vivus offers to loan money on a pay-back on your next payday basis; this importantly means the borrower can be in control. 

Applications are swiftly completed online and contain no hidden fees

  • Apply
  • Receive approval 
  • Get the money
  • Make 1 repayment for the full amount 
  • End of loan

~~ Vivus the 1 payment loan for savvy borrowers ~~


As I see it, Vivus loans are for folks who are in control of their finances,

but need a boost until their next payday.

Do bear in mind Vivus late fees:

  • If an agreed payment date should be missed, borrowers have 5 days to make repayment before any late charges or additional interest is applied.
  • If payment is not received after 5 days, a late payment fee of £12 is charged and interest is added on a daily basis, from the due date until payment is received.
  • Late interest is at the same rate as the loan; i.e. 0.4% per day for the first loan and 0.8% per day for subsequent loans.

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 Disclaimer: I received payment from Vivus to write this review.