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My Top Disability Travel Tips & Destinations

Travel is such a marvellous way to both broaden horizons and open minds plus giving us & our families something to really look forward to; so that’s why it’s very important that travel should be open and accessible to all…

And it’s wonderful that today most airlines, travel companies, hotels and resorts do indeed cater for every travellers needs – whether you or a family member are able bodied, have additional or hidden needs such as dementia or autism or perhaps are physically disabled. 

Planes, Trains and General Travel Tips

  • Before arriving at an airport be sure to check out their website first; many UK airports are now working closely with disability groups and charities to improve the sometimes stressful and usually quite hectic airport experience. For instance Gatwick Airport has a great webpage for those seeking extra assistance, check it out here
  • Disabled Persons Railcard; did you know that by purchasing a £20 Disabled Persons Railcard you will receive a 1/3 off Standard and First Class Anytime, Off-Peak and Advance fares for you and a friend! Plus remember to take advantage of the helpful pre-bookable Travel Assistance service. 
  • Blue Badge; with all the packing rush & organising – don’t forget to pack your Blue Badge disabled parking permit!
  • Mobile Phone; in an emergency mobile phones can literally be lifesavers, so make sure you pack phone chargers, in-car chargers or even power bank battery boosters such as those available on sites like Amazon. 


My Top 3 Destinations and Resorts 

  • Family Holidays – Walt Disney World Resortas most of my regular readers will already know, my family & I just love visiting the sunshine state of Florida and of course the magic found within the amazing Disney Theme Parks & Resorts.  Disney always extends a huge, warm welcome to all its many millions of visitors each year and especially so to those with additional needs.  Each Disney Resort hotel has accessible rooms  & there are plenty of extra services for families with disabilities which can be researched via the website. Better still, it’s even possible for Guests to ask specific questions about their particular situation to Disney’s very own pixie dusted oracles AKA The Disney Parks Moms Panel.  
  • City Breaks – Manchester; I’m married to a Mancunian which does makes me more than a little biased to the superbly accessible & very friendly city of Manchester. Truly, this Northern gem is great for less-mobile visitors with flat, wide pavements, a plethora of shops and plenty of open spaces & public gardens to explore which, I guess is why it makes this Top 10 of accessible cities to visit!  Everything in Manchester seems close at hand with the easy to navigate MetroLink tram system;  some disabled travellers are entitled to concessions on fares or even sometimes free travel. 
  • Outdoor Adventure – Cornwall; so if I was biased about my husbands neck of the woods then I’m doubly so about my own home County of Cornwall!  This glorious peninsula County boasts over 400 miles of coastline and in my opinion boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  I’m thrilled that around 40 of these golden sandy beaches are in fact wheelchair accessible which means lots of sandcastle building for one and all, not to mention perhaps learning to surf with specialist companies like Freedom Surf. 
Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with Premier Bathrooms.  All opinions and ideas are my own and I retain full editorial control.