The Milestone Banana Cake

2014 is a milestone year in My World thus far for many reasons…

2014 is my Disney Parks Moms Panel alumni

2014 is the year my youngest child leaves junior school and begins senior education

2014 is the year my 2nd eldest child leaves 6th Form College and begins University education

2014 is the year is which said previous child leaves home to pursue her dreams

2014 is the year in which my first born took an about-turn in his chosen profession

2014 is the year in which my husband and I took our 1st EVER holiday abroad sans children

2014 is the year in which we completed some major construction work to our home

and I’m sure the next 6 months will bring more eagerly awaited milestones and knowing my family some quite unexpected ones as well!

And so to the Milestone Banana Cake…

Competing in a Master Chef style competition is part of my youngest’s rite of passage of leaving her junior school.  Having previously baked cookies for some hungry teachers judges, she made the the final dozen contestants; it goes without saying that I’m delighted some of my cooking genetics must have been passed along!

‘Mummy what shall I cook for the final?’ was her next question.  After much page flipping and thought we’ve come up with hopefully the winning recipe…

You will need: a 2 lb loaf tin – well buttered and lined with baking paper

Oven: 180c/ fan 160c /gas 4


 125g melted butter,

150g castor sugar,

1 teaspoon vanilla extract,

1 well beaten egg,

2 large ripe bananas mashed to a pulp,

190g self raising flour,

60ml milk.


  • In a saucepan over a low heat combine melted butter, sugar and vanilla essence – stir well until sugar is dissolved.
  • Remove from the heat, add mashed bananas and mix thoroughly.
  • beat in the egg.
  • Stir in flour and lastly add the milk. The mixture should resemble the consistency of a loose muffin mix.
  • Pour into prepared tin and bake for at least 45 minutes before checking to see if a skewer come outs clean – if not leave in for a further 5/10 minutes.
  • If you can resist the warmth of a freshly baked cake  – leave to cool on a rack before cutting into slices & enjoying with a cup of tea!


Milestone Banana Cake


Watch this space to find out if our Milestone Banana Cake is a winner with the judges.

– if not it doesn’t matter a bit because it’s a sure fire winner in my World.  


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  1. beautygirlsmom says:

    I’m too dumb to make this! ml? g? castor sugar? I need the American English translation!! But good luck – it looks drop dead delicious!

    • Jane says:

      I think I’m going to have to write a conversion chart for all my lovely American & Canadian friends! Watch this space… 😄

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