The McDonald’s Evolution

 Most everyone I know wouldn’t need to be asked twice to pop into a McDonald’s for a tasty bite to eat…

I know I certainly didn’t when McDonald’s kindly invited me to come along to their Portsmouth Fratton restaurant to check out what’s new about their ever popular family restaurants!


At the minute McDonald’s are undergoing a burgertastic evolution and as I see it they are blazing a trail in the UK’s fast-food market by introducing brand new innovations such as –

  • Self service kiosks
  • Touch screen table mounted tablets
  • Table service
  • Enhanced kitchen design 
  • all of which are sure to enhance everyone’s dining experience!
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I just love new technology and I know that you will too when you try out the super easy & mega fun to use touch screen self service kiosks which McDonald’s are beginning to roll-out right across the UK.


McDonald’s restaurants in France have included self service kiosks for quite some time now & I’m thrilled they’ve finally made it across the channel to us.


Don’t like ice in your coke or want to use a discount voucher? 

Not a problem when using the self service kiosks because they are wonderfully interactive and orders can be totally customised giving customers the freedom to tailor-make orders especially to their families specific needs; after all not every enjoys a gherkin do they?!


Currently self service kiosks accept card and contactless payments, however McDonald’s Crew Members still welcome customers who like to order meals in the more traditional manner at the counter where both cash and card payments are accepted.

It’s not often that rural Cornwall gets to see gadgets and gizmos ahead of the rest of the UK, but I’m delighted to say that our McDonald’s at Cornwall Services already benefits from these amazingly interactive self service kiosks. 

Having utilised McDonald’s self service kiosks myself many times at Cornwall Services I can tell you that the advantages are huge –

  • Multiple self service kiosks mean less queuing and waiting in line to order
  • A less busy queuing area allows more time to browse new menu items – especially great for families!
  • Self service kiosks have large and easy to understand displays making menu choices a pleasure
  • Clear pricing simplifies budgeting

So you’ve ordered your meal… now guess what?  Table service!  

Yes that’s right – by using a self service kiosk you’ll be able to choose a seating zone & a Crew Member will serve your McDonald’s meal directly to your table.  This fuss free dining experience is sure to be a huge winner with all parents everywhere!

Fun for all the family awaits at your table

What better way to entertain yourself when waiting for your Big Mac Meal or for your children to be distracted until their Happy Meals arrive than with free to use, built in touch screen table tablets!


I’m pretty sure most parents will be glad of an entertaining diversion for their little ones until a Crew Member arrives with food and I know my teenagers will have heaps of fun playing popular games like Angry Birds! 

And for us grown-ups… won’t it be just fabulous to have the convenience of charging a compatible mobile phone whilst checking emails & sipping a latte?!  I think so.

Thinking Green

Recycling really matters to McDonald’s and during my visit I discovered they aim to recycle everything from food waste and used oil to packaging and paper coffee cups.


McDonald’s are committed to recycling and aim to install customer recycling stations like the one pictured in every restaurant by the end of 2018.

Going ‘backstage’ at McDonald’s

During my visit to the Portsmouth Fratton McDonald’s which re-opened earlier this year as a new digital restaurant, I was lucky enough to be invited ‘backstage’ into the hustle and bustle of their busy working kitchen.


Myself & the other 2 lovely guests – Lynn (from MrsMummyPenny) & Lucy (from LucysMadHouse) were presented with our own sets of McDonald’s uniform.

Our guided tour of the newly digitally refurnished kitchens was ably presented by Grant, the owner of McDonald’s Portsmouth Fratton restaurant.

Grant began working shifts as a Crew Member at his local McDonald’s whist still attending college and is now the proud owner of 17 McDonald’s restaurants.

McDonalds Bloggers Visit_-30

Grant shows us how the kitchen is run much more efficiently since it’s recent refurbishment.

McDonalds Bloggers Visit_-43

Portsmouth Fratton McDonald’s currently employs 120 Crew Members in both full & part time jobs.

McDonalds Bloggers Visit_-24McDonalds Bloggers Visit_-45IMG_4930

McDonald’s was listed as Britain’s Top Employer from 2007-2015

Most folks know that cooking is my thing and I was truly thrilled to be given the opportunity to assemble my very own Big Mac.

McDonalds Bloggers Visit_-48 McDonalds Bloggers Visit_-51

  • All McDonald’s food is freshly prepared to order in their newly re-designed kitchens.
  •  At optimum performance it should take Crew Members only 50 short seconds to create an iconic Big Mac!
  • Each tasty McDonald’s burger contains 100% British & Irish minced beef from the forequarter & flank cuts with no trim & no additives – just a pinch of salt & pepper during cooking. 
McDonalds Bloggers Visit_-55



Don’t worry if your local MaccyDees hasn’t yet transformed into a digital restaurant – McDonald’s are working hard on upgrading each and every premises and aim to complete their evolution by the end of 2018.

Thank you McDonald’s for a wonderfully informative visit!

I loved it

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I received compensation from McDonald’s in exchange for writing this review.  

Please be assured that all opinions expressed are entirely my own and that I retain full editorial control.