The English Rose at The Rose & Crown

It’s practically impossible for me to pass by the front door of my favourite hostelry in Epcot’s World Showcase; the mere sight, sound and smell of the traditional British boozer The Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room in the United Kingdom Pavilion is just far too tempting…..

Ordering a little light liquid refreshment on a hot and sunny Florida day is such a delight, especially when it can be enjoyed in either what is arguably the World’s best beer garden or simply sat in a heavenly air-conditioned bar; the latter which is an absolute rarity here at home in the UK!

And what do I choose to quench my thirst? A beer? A cider? Nope, I prefer to bring a little colour to my cheeks by indulging with an English Rose cocktail!

Expertly shaken by friendly bartenders who bring together a potent mix of equal amounts of Beefeater Gin and Apricot Brandy, a splash of sweet Vermouth topped up with cranberry and pineapple juice and finally served over crushed ice. I know it sounds silly, but for me I always believe an English Rose tastes better when served in the very patriotic United Kingdom souvenir drinks mug.

I warn you, do not be fooled for a moment by the light and fluffy drinks title because The English Rose is no delicate flower and most definitely provides the drinker with a nice thorny kick – in fact enjoy a couple of English Roses and you might end up by not behaving like a lady at all!

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The English Rose in full bloom...

The English Rose in full bloom… Photo credit: Motherhood & Beyond 


15 thoughts on “The English Rose at The Rose & Crown

  1. yvette morgan says:

    I love Epcot, Reflections of Earth has me mesmerised, but I have never been to The Rose and Crown, I will make a point of visiting when I finally manage to get back out there, had to cancel last year as the company I worked for folded owing me 5k commission 🙁 x

    • Jane Duckworth says:

      Next time you’re visiting Walt Disney World Resort try and snag an Advanced Dining Reservation at around 7.30/8pm at The Rose and Crown Restaurant & request to be seated on a table with an view of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth – it makes for quite the magical view! #UnforgettableHappensHere xo

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