An Introduction to Vacationing Overseas With The Kids

Going on an overseas trip with the little ones can be a great way to keep them amused during the summer holidays.   It's also a great educational experience as they get to learn about other cultures. Read on for my beginner's guide to how to vacation with your kids overseas. Documents The first thing [...]

Who wants to be a Foxy Lady?!

I have a vivid (and sometimes wild) imagination and in my minds eye I roar about our twisting and narrow Cornish country lanes in an open-topped little sporty number, complete with red lipstick and my flowing hair billowing along behind me in my very own jet-stream.... But for me, the reality of being the proud [...]

Summer Holiday Family Fun with npower 2 for 1 Days Out

  Making the most of your families 2015 summer holiday staycation with a little help from npower! Families like mine in the midst of enjoying the ever popular summer holiday staycation can often during the peak weeks limit visiting local tourist attractions due to worries about the expense of a family day out. For summer 2015 npower [...]

Do the Summer Holidays make you want to hide?

My little darlings break-up for the summer holidays tomorrow and already I'm wondering what to do with them! Shockingly I read in the Daily Express newspaper today that parents shell out £1500 to entertain children over the summer break - Really?  Well, not in my house!  Feel free to & read my article from last summer [...]