Perfect Boiled Eggs for Easter Breakfast

With Easter coming up this weekend I thought I’d share how I prepare my ~ perfectly soft boiled eggs ~

Simply eggcellent for your families Easter weekend breakfast!

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Not wishing to tell granny how to suck or even boil her eggs, but here’s how I rustle up a healthy cooked breakfast of soft boiled eggs in just 6 minutes!

Now let’s get cracking…

To make perfect boiled eggs which have a molten gold like yolk & a cooked through egg white –

You will need ~

Fresh eggs at room temperature

Boiling water straight from the kettle

Saucepan & lid (size of pan to suit number of eggs being boiled)

Slotted serving spoon

Plus an all important kitchen timer, clock or be like me & use an iPhone!

  • To begin – pour enough boiling water from your kettle into a saucepan to cover an imaginary egg
  • Pop the pan on the hob & return the water to a rolling boil & set the control to maintain that heat – now with the slotted serving spoon carefully place your eggs one by one into the boiling water
  • Be sure eggs are totally immersed in boiling water – top up if necessary.
  • Now set timer for 1 minute 
  • After the 1 minute has passed – turn off the heat source & place the lid onto the saucepan
  • Now re-set timer for 5 minutes
  • While waiting patiently for the 5 short minutes to pass – busy yourself by preparing hot buttered toast cut into soldiers to complete this cosy & oh so simple breakfast!
  • Serve by slicing the top off the softly boiled egg, sprinkle with a little salt & enjoy with dippy soldiers!



Can there be anything nicer for breakfast than a proper soft boiled egg wearing a both a smile & a little bobble hat?

 Easter blessings to one & all! 


13 thoughts on “Perfect Boiled Eggs for Easter Breakfast

  1. Jenna says:

    Gotta admit – I do like my eggs hardboiled. It’s just about the only way of cooking them that I get right for that reason because I just leave them in the pan to boil for ages!! 😉 x

  2. Alice says:

    Boiling eggs is never successful for me always end up hard boiled as I hate the white being runny still yuck! Fab tips thanks for sharing x

    • Jane Duckworth says:

      It’s not ‘you’ that’s terrible at boiling eggs – it’s the method you’re using! I hope you’ll enjoy my way of making boiled eggs over the Easter hols 🙂

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