My Throughly Modern Matalan Family

Matalan is one of the UK’s favourite family clothing and homeware retailers and to celebrate 30 years in business they’ve been thinking a lot about what being a modern British family means in 2015.

The typical 2.4 child nuclear family is no longer relevant to most families including my own and Matalan recognises this by including real modern families in it’s latest advising campaign.


A rare pic of all 6 of us in one place at one time, with nobody eating or talking… 

Ours is a busy family of 6 – Mum & Dad, 2 grown-up kids & 2 teenagers, plus 2 significant others, 2 rabbits and a rescue cat and you guessed it; there’s rarely a dull moment.

We’re constantly noisy; I mean why talk when you could just as easily shout.

The darn phone is always ringing and there are constant pings from Facebook or Snapchat notifications.

My kitchen is never closed and so it seems neither is the fridge nor pantry door.

I really ought to install a revolving front door because we’ve always got at least one extra teenager or young person here…

In fact we’d make an excellent focus for a reality TV show… like a weird cross between the Walton’s and the Osborne’s.

However, stop the madness for a moment and we’re just a regular ‘extended’ family who talk and eat – a lot!

I’m also blessed to be part of another family; the Disney Parks Moms Panel family.

Matalan say the definition of ‘family’ in the 21st century is not straightforward; as the Facebook status might suggest, “it’scomplicated”. This doesn’t mean that the idea of family has become any less important however, it simply means we are seeing that family today comes in many different shapes, sizes and forms.

Page Family

Baxter Family

Matalan’s research revealed some interesting and surprising insights about modern family life –

• The New Nuclear: the idea of the nuclear family, that being mum, dad and two-point something kids living together, is being stretched and redrawn.

• Beyond Kin: more and more, people’s definition of family extends beyond kin to include kith, i.e. non-blood relatives, friends and even pets.

• The Waiting Game: the number of older mums and older dads is on the rise, as are ‘klingons’; post-teens not flying the nest as they did in previous generations.

• Blended Families: increasingly family means ‘blended’ arrangements that see multiple connections, multiple parental figures and multiple home locations. This is in addition to well-documented changes such as the rise of single and LGBT parents.

• Staying Connected: families are finding new ways of using technologies to connect more frequently and on an emotional level, both when they live nearby or far way”.

I think my own motley crew are a combined hybrid of all of these… we are a connected blend of beyond nuclear patiently waiting for someone to leave!

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Modern families really have changed beyond all recognition since our grandparent’s day.

My Granny was one of many siblings brought up in austere times by married parents consisting of a father who would have been the main bread winner and most likely made all of the important decisions and a mother who stayed at home to bring up the children and keep house.


But you can bet your bottom dollar they were just as noisy as us!

Be sure to watch the full Matalan Modern Families TV advert.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.18.23

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This article is part of the Matalan ~ Made for Modern Families campaign from MumsNet

4 thoughts on “My Throughly Modern Matalan Family

  1. Lauren says:

    Your family is truly beautiful, Jane! I am so blessed to be part of your Disney family and have gotten to know you. Love you lots!

  2. Lauren says:

    Your family is truly beautiful, Jane! I am so blessed to be part of your Disney family and have gotten to know you. Love you lots!

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