#MilkDrinkersMilk Challenge with Cravendale

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My family literally drinks gallons of milk each week…
Be it in our usual drinks of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, Horlicks or shakes let alone in cereal or porridge and everyones favourite desserts like rice pudding or custard.
All this takes up lots & lots of…  as my husband calls it – cow juice! 
 In fact when I think about it, we could do with our own cow!

Produced by Arla, Cravendale is filtered for that ultra pure taste plus stays fresh for up to 7 days after opening.


The best and most simple way to enjoy the delicious pure, fresh taste of Cravendale… 
 is of course, perfectly chilled and served straight up in your favourite glass! 


& of course, our favourite glasses to enjoy Cravendale are from the United Kingdom Pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World Resort.


Cravendale – delicious & healthy anytime!

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What’s your favourite way to enjoy a drop of the white stuff!

8 thoughts on “#MilkDrinkersMilk Challenge with Cravendale

  1. bericebaby says:

    We don’t drink Cows milk in our home (allergies) but this is brilliant.
    Someone needs to do this for Soya drinkers too 😀
    Great campaign, awesome post hun
    Charlotte x

  2. The L's Mum says:

    We are not huge drinkers of milk here. Teas and coffee’s and my son drinks milk in the morning and sat night but that’s it. I would love to drink more of it. I should try and encourage it more in my family. Thanks for sharing. Love those glasses.

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