Let’s Think Slimmer!

Well hello & welcome to January 2016!

Ask any of my dear friends where I stand on the diet front and I’m pretty sure they’ll all say the same thing – “Jane doesn’t do dieting!” 

And my friends know me only too well because although I’ve always been a tad more buxom than the girl next door,  I’ve also been lucky that I am most definitely comfortable in my own +sized skin.

However when I was invited by the lovely folks at Thinking Slimmer  to try out their 12 week Slimpod Gold program – I thought to myself why not give it a try as “I’ve got nothing to lose except some of my ample curves!” 

In the 1st instance I was impressed by Thinking Slimmer’s totally different approach to weight loss and loved that they release slimmers from the boring & traditional calorie counting methods and rather works via a brain training, downloadable podcast style program which over time encourages dieters to instinctively make healthier choices.

Thinking Slimmer claims – Most users can lose up to 2 sizes in 12 weeks using Slimpod Gold

However if like me you’ve more than 2 sizes to shake off those 12 weeks might only be the beginning – so Thinking Slimmer give access to all resources and support for a WHOLE YEAR plus you get to keep the podcasts FOR LIFE!


Thinking Slimmer is a simple, user friendly program –

  • Purchase Slimpod Gold  £137 ~ currently available at the promotional price of £97
  •  Download the free Thinking Slimmer App
  • Listen each day to the 9 minute podcasts which will help on your thinking slimmer journey
  • Join with confidence with a 100% money back guarantee

So when you next see me out and about & I’m cheerily turning down a rather large piece of chocolate cake and swapping it for a healthy snack – you’ll know that Thinking Slimmer is really working!!

Disclaimer: Thinking Slimmer freely provided me with the Slimpod Gold 12-week program.

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