Jane’s Solo Travel Hacks


For extra piece of mind a simple wedge of wood gives travellers added security. 

A simple wedge of wood gives travellers added security and piece of mind for a good nights sleep.

I’m an ordinary housewife and mother who just happens to adore travel; with my husband, with friends, with extended family & yes even with my 4 children!

But especially on the odd occasion – on my very own.

And it’s the ‘on my own’ bit that seems to alarm everyone.

Will you be safe?  is the question I’m most often asked.

At risk of sounding like someones overbearing parent – just remember these basic rules for solo female travellers –

  • Don’t talk to strangers – this is most difficult for me because I love meeting new & interesting folk!
  • Don’t immediately share with a fellow traveller (you just randomly met) that you’re on your own
  • Don’t leave your bags unattended
  • Keep your passport about your person
  • Keep your money about your person
  • Be cordial with check-in staff at your destination – they can be quite helpful to a gal on her own!
  • Only use taxi hire companies recommended by/affiliated with your hotel or resort
  • Be sure to lock & secure your hotel room door – with a simple wooden door wedge brought from home! 
  • Take a snap on your phone of your hotel room number & perhaps even the name of your hotel or resort
  • When out & about stay in well lit & busy locations
  • This should be obvious, but don’t be tempted to over indulge with alcoholic beverages
  • Stick with common sense rules – trust your own instinct, if it feels dodgy – then don’t go or get involved

Happy & safe trails!

I’m so thrilled this post has been included in a solo traveler round-up over on Trips100 





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