Jane's World - Hawaiian Luau Pork

Jane’s Hawaiian Luau Style Barbecue Pork

Whether our British summer is a sunny scorcher or a wet wash-out my all singing, all-hula dancing Hawaiian Luau Style Barbecue Pork will absolutely brighten up any mealtime or family gathering! 

It’s as easy as can be…

You will need –

1 x family sized loin of pork

Bottle of woodsmoke flavoured barbecue sauce – I used HP classic woodsmoke flavour BBQ sauce.

Salt & pepper – seasoning to taste

Glaze made with –

1 x table spoon of soy sauce

1x table spoon of runny honey

Large glug of dark rum

Low heat oven – I cook in the top oven of my AGA which is currently on its lowest setting!

Begin by letting the loin of pork come up to room temperature before seasoning well all over and using your hands smothering with around 1/2 a bottle of the woodsmoke flavoured BBQ sauce.


Place in a roasting pan and cover with either a lid or a double layer of baking foil, now pop into the oven and forget for at least 3 hours….

When you open the oven door you’ll be greeted with a satisfying waft of deliciousness

Carefully remove the lid or foil and pour off any fats & juices saving a little to add to the glaze made by mixing together soy sauce, honey & rum – spoon over glaze and return uncovered to the oven for another hour or until it looks very dark, but not burnt!

I guess at this point instead of returning to the oven if so wished the pork could be transferred to a BBQ or outdoor grill to brown and finish off…

Jane's World - Hawaiian Luau Pork

Almost done…

Place pork onto a board or large serving plate and perhaps enjoy with freshly baked crusty rolls, a chunky homemade coleslaw, sweet potato fries and a pina colada!

Because the pork has been cooked long and slow it will shred rather than slice which works perfectly in picnic rolls, sandwiches or just eaten on its own with your fingers!

And as my dear Mum used to say – “Yum, yum, pigs bum!”

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