Introducing ~ Keep Me Going



Keep Me Going

Introducing ~ Keep Me Going

If you go down to the super market today… you’re in for a big surprise... ok not so much of a surprise but more of an overwhelming plethora of cereal options!

In the breakfast goods aisle it’s almost like deciding on an option from the good, the bad and the ugly these days with so many brightly coloured boxes containing products laden with hidden sugars, salts or those with little or no added fibre.  As a (trying to be good) parent, wife and chief shopper of groceries I like to make better, more health conscious  choices for my family where I can.

When your beloved husband has type 2 medicated diabetes believe me, you’re always on the look out for new, low sugar products!


Keep Me Going is simply delicious when enjoyed with milk…

 I’m so happy to share with you a new cereal called Keep Me Going

In essence Keep Me Going is a tasty whole grain Barley and Oat cereal without any fuss and quite importantly (to me anyway) these little pillows of crunchy, munchiness really do stay crisp even when enjoyed with lashings of cold milk until the final spoonful has been devoured!

Keep Me Going provides an ideal breakfast or late night snack for my sugar conscious husband and he even thinks it would be rather appetising with hot milk during the colder winter months.

Keep Me Going is perfect for anyone watching their sugar intake with only 2.7g per 30g serving

Using a wheat-free recipe and being only 50 on the Glycaemic Index (Gi) ~ Keep Me Going really does do what it says on the pack by helping to reduce tiredness and release energy; which is good news for all families everywhere! 

It has to be said that I’m a fussy eater first thing in the morning; I prefer to begin my day with a quiet caffeine fix before my herd of stampeding children descend demanding to know the whereabouts of their P.E kits or bus passes… after the school run tsunami has subsided is when I choose to relax with my own brekkers.

I like to linger over another coffee with just my cereal and The Wright Stuff for company, which is why it’s important for my breakfast to stay crunchy and not go soggy at the mere mention of milk!!


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Try Keep Me Going with yummy fresh strawberries

It has to be said that Keep Me Going did indeed keep me going until lunchtime; those little parcels containing up to 12 vitamins and minerals plus 3.0g of fibre per 100g serving really did satisfy me until noon!   

The hardest crowd to please are the sugar frosted and chocolate flavour cereal loving kids… well I’ve sussed a sneaky way to help them reduce their intake – simply replace some of their usual breakfast cereal with a few table spoons of Keep Me Going!  Am I a genius or what?  

Okay they did notice, but they did eat their now healthier breakfasts – which is of course a step in the right direct to at least halving their sugar and salt intake plus boosting their fibre quota for the day!

And as a bonus you’ll find FREE inside every pack of Keep Me Going some rather quirky goings on!

Packs contain Keep Me Going AROUND THE WORLD Trading Cards plus a hidden code on the top flap which if cracked takes adventures to an off-menu page on their website with lots of further info on codes and ciphers including another enigma to solve which leads to a further mystery page… perfect for a budding super sleuth who’s bored at breakfast!


In addition…when taken to pieces the inside of the pack reveals a few random words of ‘Pig Latin’ on one of the flaps!


Interestingly I noticed Keep Me Going contains Solo the low sodium sea salt; because as we all know, less sodium in our diet is great for maintaining normal blood pressure.

Keep Me Going is currently available to purchase via Ocado 

Unfortunately Ocado online shopping doesn’t deliver to my post code, but if they did I’d absolutely be taking advantage of this great value offer –  Ocado ~ £20 off your 1st shop plus FREE annual midweek smart pass 

Watch out for a second product ~ Keep Me Strong ~ a high protein, low salt, reduced sugar cereal which will be available in a few months too.

For product updates and announcements be sure to follow Keep Me Going on Twitter and Facebook  


Disclaimer:  Freedom Cereals Ltd provided me with free samples of Keep Me Going to try before giving this independent product review.

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