Freedom Cereals ~ Keep Me Strong

You may remember that a few months ago I introduced a delicious new & contemporary breakfast from Freedom Cereals called Keep Me Going….

Therefore I was delighted when the folks at Freedom Cereals sent me a box of the recently launched

~ Keep Me Strong ~


Keep Me Strong is ~

  • low in fat
  • low in salt
  • high in protein
  • contains multi-grains enriched with brown rice protein
  • has added iron & vitamins

Keep Me Strong is just perfect for my medicated type 2 diabetic husband plus it’s a huge bonus that my sometimes fussy children loved it’s simple, crunchy taste too!


 Keep Me Strong tastes much like rice krispies

Currently Freedom Cereals can only be purchased through Ocado

A huge hit with my entire family!

Disclaimer: Freedom Cereals Ltd provided me with free samples of Keep Me Strong to try before giving this independent product review.