Enjoy more water this summer with Robinsons Squash’d

Even though summer 2016 seems to have gone a little askew recently and the sun hasn’t quite had his hat on hip, hip, hip hooray!

But it has still been rather hot and humid both day & night which gives us even more reason to keep a close watch on our families fluid intake by ensuring they drink plenty of water each day.

What’s that I hear you say?  But drinking water is boring and dull…. 

Well with Robinsons Squash’d, a humble glass of water never need be dull & boring ever again! 

Robinsons Squash'd

  • Robinsons Squash’d is a highly concentrated, low calorie soft drink made with real fruit juices (from concentrate) & sweetener.
  • Each little handy sized 66ml container has enough inside to enhance up to 20 glasses of water!

Robinsons Squashe'd

To see the whole range visit the Robinsons website by clicking HERE 

It’s very important to keep hydrated while at work, school or play…

Guidelines from The Natural Hydration Council

  • 70-80% of the daily water intake should come from drinks
  • suggested intake of 2.5 litres of water for men
  • suggested intake of 2 litres of water for women
  • suggested intake of 6-8 glasses of fluid per day for children
  • To read more about the suggested fluid intake for your own family I suggest visiting The Natural Hydration Council

It goes without saying that we as parents know our families should drink plenty of clear fluids throughout the day and it has to be said I’ve found that much easier with Robinsons Squashe’d!


Our family favourite Robinsons Squash’d was Passion Fruit & Mango

  • Our favourite way to enjoy Robinsons Squash’d was by squirting it into sparkling water – it made an instant, healthy alternative to a sugar filled fizzy drink. Brilliant for my type 2 diabetic husband! 
  • Robinson’s Squashed are so small & compact they are the ideal size for my teenagers to pop into their school bags – this makes it easy for them to flavour water on go during the school day or at a sports activity.
Robinsons Squash'd

Robinsons Squash’d is small enough to fit into any bag or pocket

  • Robinsons Squash’d makes the perfect space saving family travel companion! It’s little grab-able size means it won’t take any extra room in the car, caravan, train, ferry or even mum’s handbag!
  • My family loves to fly across the pond to Walt Disney World Resort and on a long haul flight Robinsons Squash’d would make airline bottled water so much more appealing, so I’m absolutely adding it to my packing list!  Currently, airline passengers are permitted to fly with individual containers of up to 100ml of liquid in carry-on hand luggagesee here for guidelines.

So what’s stopping you?

Go ahead and try Robinsons Squash’d this summer – your family will love you for it!



This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons.

I was provided with complimentary full size samples of Robinsons Squash’d for the purpose of this review; all views are entirely my own and I retain full editorial control.