Do the Summer Holidays make you want to hide?

Please say I’m not  alone, strange or odd when I tell you that I love the comfortingly rhythmic routine of school life and will openly admit I dread filling up the abyss the summer holiday leaves gapping wide open for parents to embellish with crafts, playdates and rollicking jolly good fun.

Don’t judge but I’m the type of Mum who at the mere utterance of the phrase ‘Ooh we’re breaking up for the school summer holidays soon’ takes a sharp intake of breath and makes a dash straight for the pantry where I can perhaps hide and find solitude somewhere in the comforting recesses of the cake tin…

And whilst I’m confessing….

I don’t care much for sloth like pyjama days,

I hate it when my imagined OCD goes into overdrive as I desperately try to keep a tidy house against an army I created myself of distructo monsters.

and I’d like my weekly grocery shopping to last at least until the weekend and not be gobbled up by the afore mentioned monster army (who seem to march on their stomachs) almost before the home delivery chap has disappeared down our driveway.

I can’t fight the tide, so what’s a Mum to do?  

I’ve paid my fair dues and to date have endured seen 15 school summer holidays; with plenty of quiet moments in the pantry clutching the cake tin to come up with a few summer holiday survival strategies…

  • Top Tip: Get your groceries delivered.  This can save you time, money and quite possibly your sanity.
  • Incude cheap baking supplies in your weekly grocery shop; great as a rainy day saviour.
  • Look out for low cost ice lollies or choc ices as a handy quick treat, or for when half the neighbourhood kids seem to be playing round at yours.
  • Buy local newspapers and scan for free or low cost chid friendly activities or buy one get one free entrance to zoos, theme parks etc.
  • Don’t be too proud to clip discount coupons from magazines or newspapers and use them – free is my favourite price!
  • Visit your local library who usually have lists of free children’s activities such a craft sessions or book readings.
  • Keep your eyes peeled locally for posters advertising community events like carnivals, fetes or summer fairs.
  • Visits to your local museum or art galleries are usually free of charge.
  • Do you collect Nectar points or Tesco vouchers?  Maybe exchange/cash in for a fun family day out.
  • Go online and check out local parent groups like  to find like minded folks and to exchange ideas
  • Pay a thrifty visit to a £1 shop for craft, baking, beach, picnic supplies and more..
  • I know you’ll have heard this all before, but kids really do love spending time with other kids – so arrange regular meet ups with friends at the park or beach.
  • Have a picnic!  Preferably outside in the garden or on a wet day (insert a sharp intake of breath) in your lounge.
  • Get active – go for woodland walks, discover cycle paths or moorland rambles; adventure is out there.
  • This is a dangerous suggestion; let your children choose what they want to do for the day!  Ask them to compile a ‘to do‘ list explaining that within reason you’ll try to make it happen.
  • Involve older children in clearing out unwanted stuff from their bedrooms and have your own yard sale or go along to a car boot sale and make some money towards a family day out.
  • Borrowing an American idea; celebrate Christmas in July!  Put up some fairy lights, bake some mince pies and watch a Christmas film!
  • Make one super family fun summer holiday purchase – like a badminton, tennis or bowls set,  paddling pool or tent.
  • Have a box of biscuits and sweet treats on hand to reward good behaviour or avert the bad!
  • Remember: A summer holiday ‘to do’ list is limited only to your imagination, have fun with it and create some lasting childhood memories for your distructo monsters darling children.

My list may not save your sanity, prevent boredom or keep you from the cake tin but it is I think, worth a try! 

If all else fails I recommend booking a holiday to Walt Disney World Resort.

Feel free to send me any questions at The Disney Parks Moms Panel. 


~ This article can also be seen as a guest post on The Journey of an Anxious Parent  ~ with my grateful thanks to the very lovely Hannah Cook ~

Frozen Summer Fun!

I must remember; there are no answers only crumbs at the bottom of a cake tin.







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    I think we all find it a bit of a challenge and it is good that you are honest about that. You have a great list of ideas and I love your photos. Commenting for mysel @kateonthinice f and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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