Disney Inspired Bedroom Makeover Ideas With The Wow Factor

Disney is very popular amongst children and adults alike, so it should come as no surprise that either yourself, your children or grandchildren would want a Disney inspired bedroom.

It’s a great way to celebrate what you love without going too overboard in your whole home.

But how do you achieve that look?  It’s easier than you think!

Which is why I thought I would share some of the ways you can create a Disney inspired bedroom which has that magical wow factor. 

It’s all about the bed

Let’s face it in every bedroom the bed is the main big feature of it. It’s the biggest piece of furniture in there, so it’s what catches everybody’s eye!

 But how can you make a bed Disney themed? Of course, the first thing to consider would be the actual bed. If you are doing a makeover on the room then it’s worth considering whether the bed and mattress need replacing. This provides the perfect opportunity to consider your options. Here’s a helpful guide to memory foam mattresses online.

You may want to purchase a bed that already fits the theme. But if you don’t need to replace the bed itself then consider new bed linen. There are plenty of options to choose from online. However, if you are showcasing the theme in other ways then a few cushions on a plain bedspread will look amazing.

Make quirky additions to the room

The next thing to consider is the other furniture in the room. This is where you could go a little quirky and paint up some original furniture in bright colors or consider adding some pieces that you have picked up online.

Perhaps get someone who is good at painting to draw up a scene on a chest of drawers. Pinterest has a plethora of ideas on how to turn unloved furniture into something creative and exciting.

Seek out vintage memorabilia

A great way to add to this theme is to seek out vintage memorabilia. From small figurines to posters there are plenty of things you could pick up.

The best places to seek out vintage items are on websites like eBay or to heading to your local charity shops. Sometimes people want to get rid of these things if children have left the home etc. It’s a great way of adding to your theme without making it look too childish. This would be perfect for an older child or adult bedroom.

Consider a feature wall

A feature wall is a great way of adding the Disney touch. This is because there is so much you could do.

First of all, you could decide to purchase some wall art, or add a whole scene to a wall. Or you may want to again draw up a design yourself. Alternatively, a feature wall could perhaps be full of pictures of a recent visit to a Disney Park; touches like that makes the room feel more personal .

Use bright colours

Finally a Disney theme is all about the colour choices.

Think bright primary colors to really set the tone of the bedroom. Blues and reds always feature heavily on Disney characters so they may be good colours to choose to start off with. Perhaps try varying shades for different walls or decor items.

I hope to have inspired you to create your very own Disney themed bedroom!