Breakfast; the craziest meal of the day!

Please say this isn’t just me and my family, but is breakfast-time in your house just craziest, busiest most manic meal of the day!

Well,  I say meal…I use that term very loosely indeed, you see every member of my dear family loves eating and certainly enjoys their food but that seems to simply disappear right out of the window come 7 o’clock every weekday morning!


Health gurus always seem to be advising us to begin our day by eating a wholesome, filling breakfast.

Unless you’re blissfully retired or on holiday then time is of the essence during the early morning; my busy family of 6 has some rushing to catch the school bus, one walking to work, another praying for no traffic on his commute to work and then there’s little old me desperately trying to cook, clean, parent, be a part time carer for my elderly Dad plus do a little work from home!

My top tips for being on top of the morning are  –

  • Get up earlier than you have to – no excuses, just do it!
  • Make up lunch boxes and drinks bottles the night before.
  • Never leave yesterdays dirty dishes in the sink!  If the dishwasher is full, don’t leave plates and cups straggling, wash ’em up – this pays huge time dividends in the morning.

Don’t wake up to a dirty mess like this…


Begin your day as you mean to go on!

  • Don’t waste time checking your Twitter feed or Facebook – they are real breakfast time wasters.
  • Put your coffee or tea in a insulated mug, this way when you do snatch a slurp there’s more chance it will be hot not luke warm!

Hot drinks stay warmer for longer in an insulated mug.

  • Have on hand a selection of fruit, fruit juices or milk and maybe some grab and go type breakfast biscuits like BelVita – at least you know your family are leaving the house with something healthy inside them to begin the day.



 On this particular school morning as Scotland were making their momentous Yes/No decisions, here at the other end of the Country my family were making their minds up on belVita Breakfast Crunchy – Apricot, Hazelnuts or Choc Chip biscuits!  Check them out via this link



To be honest my family have tried almost every grab and go breakfast currently available on the supermarket shelves and I wondered what could possibly be different with these all new crunchy biscuits from belVita.

I can honestly say we found them to have a real wholesome taste with a very crunchy, almost hard  texture.

Apricot was absolutely our hands down winner for taste with Hazelnut coming a nutty second and Choc Chip best for dunking in third.

We all agreed the biscuits were very filling and would definitely agree with the statement “They are the only breakfast biscuits proven to slowly release carbohydrates over four hours as part of a balanced diet.”

They were so filling and crunchy/hard that it could be said your jaw gets a morning workout too!!

The biscuits are a great design shape and are simply perfect for dunking in your morning cuppa.

And what’s my breakfast ritual? I wait until the mad rush is over to have my coffee in peace!

 To aid in writing this review I was provided with complimentary belVita Breakfast biscuits to try and this post is an entry for #MorningWin Linky Challenge sponsored by belVita Breakfast. Learn more at http://bitly/belVitaUK 

5 thoughts on “Breakfast; the craziest meal of the day!

  1. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    Good tips! I KNOW my life would be a better place if I emptied the dishwasher the night before, but I always do it in the morning. I do get up very early (I build in my Twitter time so I can get focused when the kids get up!).

  2. jenniferhowze156 says:

    You are so right about not leaving dirty dishes or an unloaded clean dishwasher. When dishwasher is full, breakfast things stack up so quickly and it ends up feeling like a very chaotic morning!

    • Jane Duckworth says:

      I strive to keep to my ‘tidy as you go’ rules because I believe forward planning and organisation are the answer to most things, however at breakfast I often can’t quite recall the question!!

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