An Introduction to Vacationing Overseas With The Kids

  • Going on an overseas trip with the little ones can be a great way to keep them amused during the summer holidays.  
  • It’s also a great educational experience as they get to learn about other cultures.
  • Read on for my beginner’s guide to how to vacation with your kids overseas.


The first thing you need to think about is getting the right documentation for your trip.

The types of documents you will need will depend on of where you are going and the agreements they have with the government. If you are travelling Europe, you will need a visa. People from the EU, traveling in the EU can get a european health insurance card which entitles them to free or discounted health care. Unfortunately, no such agreement with the US government exists.  So it’s vital to make sure your insurance covers accidents and emergencies for both you and your kids.  


You may be concerned about immunisation when taking your kids abroad. It’s not always the nicest experience for the kids to have their injections before you go, but it is important they are protected from diseases of which they are not usually exposed to. There are all sorts of things they may need to get immunised against like yellow fever and hepatitis. Again the immunisations will vary depending on your destination.

Check out this government website to see which immunisations you and the little ones will need for your trip.


Safety is important no matter who you are travelling with, but doubly so if you have the kids with you. Make sure you check the government website for travel alerts before you go. Also, do some research on the areas that you will be staying before you get there to see if there are any particular dangers to watch out for. Being prepared like this means you can warn your kids not to play on the balcony unsupervised or swim in the ocean if there is a strong current.



It’s also an excellent idea to research the types of activities that you will do as a family before you go. Firstly it gets the kids excited about the break and gives them something to look forward to. As an adult, it helps you to plan you time and your budget. You can also make sure that you schedule in some relaxing days, so you can recharge before doing the next activity.

Food is a tricky one when travelling abroad with the kids. They could love it or hate it. You can try them out with some of your planned location’s specialities before you go, by cooking them at home. If they are still not keen, then they may end of living on fast food for the holiday. To counteract this make sure you get some healthy snacks and fruit from a  supermarket when you arrive to balance it out. Remember to wash the fruit in mineral water, if the water there is not safe to drink.

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