Adapting To Life As You Age: Let’s Embrace The Changes!

Ask anyone, and they’ll soon tell you that the idea of ageing is never a welcome one.

The truth is we’re ageing every second of every day, from the moment we’re born until the day we die. It’s a natural part of life and something that I believe should be embraced.

I mean, you can’t change or stop the ageing process, so you may as well embrace it!

Adapting to life as you age

Life comes with many changes, and we learn to live with and get on with each one, so why should aging be any different. Our sixties, seventies, and eighties are meant to be our golden years, so we should enjoy them, not dread them. Yes, they come with a little adaptation, but what part of life doesn’t?

Leaving school takes time to get your head around.

Starting a marriage requires changes.

Becoming a mother takes time to adapt to.

Life is full of changes, which is a good thing and it would be boring if our whole lives were the same.

To make adapting as you age, easier, here are a few useful tips to take note of.

Find suitable types of activity

Staying active as you age is important ­ ask any doctor and they’ll tell you the same. Of course, as you get older, you won’t be as supple or as physically strong as you were when you were younger. So you need to find forms of activity that are suitable for your body. The best ways to stay in shape are to walk, cycle, swim, and practice meditational exercise, like yoga and pilates.

If you have mobility problems, don’t let this put you off, as there are plenty of ways you can stay active. Swimming is a great option, as are aerobics, yoga, and some workout programs, as these can all be done while sitting down. There are special workouts for people with mobility issues ­ you can find these on YouTube. So even if your movement is limited, that doesn’t matter, you can still stay in shape.

Eat well to keep your body healthy

adapting to life as you age

We all know how important eating well is for our health, and yet far too many of us don’t bother to do so. If you want to keep your body as strong as possible, you need to be smart about what you’re eating. This means ensuring that you’re getting enough vitamins and nutrients into your body by eating lots of healthy foods.

It’s also wise to avoid foods high in fat, as people who are overweight are much more prone to a range of health conditions. From arthritis to cancer and diabetes, if you’re carrying too much weight, your risk of these diseases doubles.

Adapt your home

When it comes to your well­being as you age, you need to think about your home and how safe it is. Right now, you may not have issues with mobility or falls, but in a few years, you may do. That’s why it’s important to think about adapting your home so that you can make it safer or have a plan in place for when you need to.

You may not need grab bars and high rise recliners right now, but eventually, you will do. Don’t let this upset you; it’s important to embrace change. Getting older comes with ups and downs, it’s just a case of embracing every part of the process. By adapting your home to be easier to get around, you’re improving your quality of life; that’s all.

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Prioritise socialising

adapting to life as you age

We’ve all seen those adverts about how easy it is to get lonely once you’ve retired, so make sure to prioritise socialising. This is important, as when it comes to getting older, getting out and about is so important. Join clubs, take part in local activities, make time to see your friends and relatives. You’ll find that if you do, your golden years are happier ones.

Life is all about change, so when it comes to ageing, it’s important to embrace it!

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Richard Gerth is a beloved Cast Member at Disney's Grand Floridan Resort & Spa.

Richard Gerth is a beloved Cast Member at Disney’s Grand Floridan Resort & Spa.

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  1. Louise says:

    It’s really refreshing to read such a positive article about the changes we encounter as we age instead of the all too common doom and gloom. Embracing them may seem scary but I suppose once you do then life can get easier and better!

    Thank you for tackling an important subject.

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