A review of Purple Sauce from Premier Inn

At some point in our lives we’ve all squirted on some red tommy sauce or lashed on a bit of brown HP or if you’re anything like me dolloped a spoonful of creamy mayonnaise – but now there’s a new kid on the block to try and it goes by the quirky name of Purple Sauce!

Purple Sauce

Purple Sauce has been exclusively created for Premier Inn by top chef Ed Baines as a tasty, savoury alternative condiment which makes a joyful union with various meals from traditional fried breakfasts and steak and chips to using at home in your own kitchen as a versatile flavour boosting addition to soups, casseroles, stews or family barbecues.

Purple Sauce

Being a regular customer of the lovely restaurant joining my local Premier Inn I was absolutely delighted to be given the opportunity to review their new and perfectly named Purple Sauce.

Sachets of Purple Sauce are currently only available to try at Premier Inn hotel restaurants for a limited 6 month period – so be sure to hurry along right away to try a delicious dash of Purple Sauce! 

Sachets of Purple Sauce are available at Premier Inn restaurants.

Sachets of Purple Sauce – go on, try a dash today! 

Purple Sauce is made with a magical combination of all natural ingredients including – juicy ripe blackberries, cumin, crushed chillies, celery salt and garlic in addition; Purple Sauce is proud to contain no artificial colours or flavourings and is suitable for vegetarians. 

I love dolloping and dashing new and interesting flavours into my families meals and I discovered that Purple Sauce adds a wonderful zing to a glut of oven roasted home grown tomatoes, chilli and garlic, or to a gloriously simple bacon butty…

Purple SauceFullSizeRender-7

Try My Versatile AGA Roasted Tomatoes, Chilli and Garlic – with a dash of Purple Sauce! 

In addition Purple Sauce would make an ideal base for a BBQ marinade and could easily be substituted for the smokey BBQ sauce I used here in my Jane’s Hawaiian Luau Style Barbecue Pork – perfect as a lazy weekend dinner.

You’ll find Purple Sauce on the breakfast table at Premier Inns up and down the country – just ask for it by name and tell them Jane sent you!

Tried Purple Sauce?  Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below.


Disclaimer: Premier Inn kindly supplied me with a bottle of Purple Sauce for the purpose of this review.

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