£50 Airline Voucher & PAYG SIM *Giveaway* from Three Mobile #MakeItRight


Jackson says #MakeItRight

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I was delighted when Three Mobile asked Jane’s World to collaborate with them on this fantastic feel good giveaway!

Because Roaming Charges Suck! #MakeItRight

Three Mobile together with Jane’s World are giving away a £50 airline voucher towards the cost of your next holiday PLUS a pre-paid Three SIM – it’s never been easier to stay connected when holidaying abroad in countries such as the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Indonesia, France, Norway, New Zealand, Macau, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Spain. Switzerland, Sri Lanka or Sweden. 

Everything you need to know ~ Three Mobile – SIM Cards Made Simple 

With the British summer months behind us and the golden autumn and darker winter months ahead you may be like me and beginning to plan your families next sunshine filled holiday abroad…

In our highly social media age where everything from that magical selfie with Mickey Mouse, or the obligatory cocktail by the pool post or even a quick snap of your snazzy Shellac embellished toe nails nestling in the sand is shared with all and sundry back home – now with Three Mobile you truly can Feel At Home – Three Mobile – for when stuff sucks #MakeItRight 

~ Quick, Easy & Free to Enter! ~

All you have to do is leave a comment in the box below with your most tried and trusted social media Apps, tools, tips and tricks for keeping updated whilst on the move! 

Don’t delay – enter today and share via your favourite social media using the #MakeItRight hashtag

~ Giveaway runs from Wednesday 2nd September – Wednesday 30th September 2015 ~


Planning a holiday to Walt Disney World Resort? Don’t forget to visit me with your Disney planning questions via the Disney Parks Moms Panel.

Rules: Jane’s World and Three Mobile will judge the winning entry together and their decision will be final; the lucky winner will of course be proudly displayed right here on Jane’s World! 


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59 thoughts on “£50 Airline Voucher & PAYG SIM *Giveaway* from Three Mobile #MakeItRight

  1. Michelle says:

    Since we mainly holiday in Orldando, my must have app is My Disney Experience! Couldn’t be without it! I also love Whatsapp for free messaging, and Instagram for sharing pictures of our holidays on the go!

  2. Stephanie says:

    When I’m out and about I turn my wifi off as it means my battery lasts longer and it’s easy to turn back on again when I find the free wifi spots to upload what I’m up to on Instagram! When you’ve still got an iPhone 4 you need all the battery help you can get (I still love my iPhone 4 so there’s no chance of it being upgraded just yet either!)

  3. Linda says:

    I love hootsuite… then I can schedule all sorts so if I do need to be on the move or think of something to post at a completely unsocial time, I don’t have to worry about keeping an online presence as much at specific times

  4. Di Coke says:

    While in New York I always looked for a Starbucks – you can stand outside and use their free wifi! I’d check routes and journeys on Google maps, then screenshot them! I’d sometimes hang around for long enough to send a couple of Instagram photos too…

  5. Natalie Crossan says:

    I love Watsapp, taught my Mum how to use it. She now keeps in touch with her language students when they return home via watsapp 🙂

  6. juliette says:

    make sure that you only use your phone in wifi mode and that data roaming is switched off. I use Whats App to keep in touch and Instagram to share pictures

  7. Melissa Lee says:

    My favourite has to be Whatsapp. I use it when abroad to text people, send photos and voice messages. And the best part is that it’s free! Just need wifi to use it…#MakeItRight

  8. Melanie Cameron says:

    I like to avail of any free wifi available. I use it on the bus, and at work. My favourite app I use to keep in touch with my family and friends is whatsapp, I use it to send photos and videos of my little girl to her grandparents and my sisters who live a distance away. It’s great for group conversations too. Other Apps I use on the go are Pacer, allowing me to track my steps and distance, making me think about increasing my excercise every day. You can use this to share info with friends and family on the app. It’s a 21st century pedometer:) Great for a busy mum! X

  9. Tracy Gladman says:

    I have a UV app which is great for abroad as it tells you the UV level where you are and what factor suncream you should be using.

  10. Kate + says:

    Love the little purple dude! He’s so cute. I guess my top apps on the go are Maps (invaluable), Instagram (to document every little detail) and Facebook messenger.

  11. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    Is it sad that I love the 3 ads at the moment, I find myself singing along to them whenever they come on! 🙂 I only ever use free-wifi when on the go. I don’t want to turn on data connection and run up a huge bill!

  12. joanna smith says:

    This will comw in handy for someone so much! I’m with three already but don’t rate their internet. Signal in my road/area should be fine they say… HA! Have to walk 5 mins away to get any at all x

  13. Niamh says:

    I’m obsessed with WhatsApp – so handy for sending pics and updates to either individuals or groups of people! But the cost of data is always an issue, all right.

  14. BloggerMummyLauren says:

    I don’t go travelling much, but when I’m out and about I do try to find wifi hotspots to save money on my phone bill. My favourite app is probably my email app, so I don’t miss anything even when I’m on the go.

  15. Tori Gabriel says:

    Facebook is invaluable for keeping in touch (and making folks back home jealous with your photos).

    I also love the app Glympse which lets people send their location to someone else. I use this daily when I get the bus home from work so my husband knows when I’ll be getting off at the bus stop so he can meet me.

  16. Ruth Grover says:

    Make sure I find out in advance where the free WIFI spots will be.
    Take meal or tea breaks there !!! Pinterest is amazing for finding
    great places to go that you wouldn’t normally find. There is something about everything on Pinterest ! (As well as local things I always take yarn and crochet hooks on holiday, so I can quickly find little projects to make if I finish one early on Pinterest !)
    What’s App for keeping in touch ! Just a few lines of free messaging… makes all the difference.

  17. ant says:

    why pay huge wifi fees at your hotel when traveling, pop along to a local mcdonalds or fast food outlet to get free wifi!
    three mobile PAYG now has their one, two , three rate even when you are on holiday in some of the most popular destinations ! check three website for all countries covered ! 3p a minute to call mobile or landline back home in england! so cheap.

    2p for text, and 1p per mb of data !

    so my tip is buy a three mobile sim card!

    that fifty quid prize would be very handy towards flights to benidorm ! 🙂

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