5 Steps to Avoid having Missing & Undelivered Post


This December our postal and courier services will be putting the pedal firmly to the metal to ensure we all get our mail safely on time for Christmas.

Of course it goes without saying that one of the best ways to cinch that all important timely consignment is to be aware of the last Royal Mail posting dates or your chosen couriers deadline.



I don’t know about you, but for me there’s nothing quite as irritating than missing the delivery of a much awaited parcel or worst still popping something into the mail which then goes astray en-route to its destination.

According to a new study by the cost of undelivered post values over £750,000 each year which equates to a whole ton of missing mail doesn’t it? 


So here are my Top 5 Steps to Avoid having Missing & Undelivered Post

  • 1) I know this is an old, old chestnut… but by far one of the very best ways to help Royal Mail deliver to the correct address is to be sure you’re using the correct postcode.  It’s easy & free to double check or discover postcodes via the Royal Mail Postcode Finder.  


  •  2) The ultimate way to protect your parcel or letter is to clearly hand-write or better still use printed address labels.  Specialist labelling companies such as Data Label  offer customers all manor of fully customised self adhesive, security, barcoded, vinyl or even waterproof labels which can be printed to suit customers needs.  Heck, they even offer tamper-proof security labels for items which require extra piece of mind! 


  • 3) Help your postman or courier to help you – if possible at the point of ordering leave clear delivery instructions on where to safely leave a parcel (i.e: in a shed or with a nice neighbour), or if that wasn’t possible place a written note on your door or window with clear instructions.  Don’t forget to be a good neighbour and let your nearby friend or acquaintance know that a parcel for you may be delivered to them & of course let them know you’ll be happy to return the favour for them sometime! 

To better inform delivery services one of my good friends has a disability and utilises this helpful sticker on their front door.

  • 4) Choose delivery slots wisely i.e.: weekend deliveries work well if you’re more likely to be home.   I feel it’s better to wait a little longer for an item than to miss it’s delivery. 


  • 5) When mailing goods be sure to obtain proof of post – it’s a free service! This should be an obvious one, but it’s easily overlooked when you’re busy especially on the run up to December 25th! 


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Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All tips & opinions are my own and I retain full editorial control.