5 Random Items I Always Pack in my Suitcase

Whether I need them or not, I nearly always stow away these 5 very random items in my suitcase! 

  • Teabags

TeabagsAsk any Brit who’s been abroad on their jollies & they’ll soon be complaining about the lack of a decent cuppa tea whilst they were away from home.

So why risk it?

Simply pack your favourite brand of tea, pop the on kettle & Bob’s your uncle – you’ll always get a top brew wherever you are in the world!




  • Vanish Stain Remover Stick

Vanish Stain remover stickI love wearing white & pale coloured clothes whilst I’m off somewhere hot enjoying the good weather and there’s nothing more annoying than dripping sangria or chocolate ice-cream all down your front and then to compound the issue, not being able to clean the wretched stain out!

But with my trusty Vanish Stain Remover Stick to hand (plus a quick soak in cold water) the winey/chocolatey problem is no more!



  • Glow Sticks

Glow sticks Well… you just never know when you’re going to need to glow!!

All joking aside, glow sticks really are a fun, cheap & easy to wear accessory for adults & children alike – when the sun goes down we love to break out the glow sticks while we’re enjoying the magic of Walt Disney World Resort or rocking out at a concert, Christmas or Halloween themed party or event.

I’ve purchased glow sticks cheaply via Ebay or at my local Pound Shop.


  • Ziplok Bags

ziploc bagsIn my opinion no-one should ever leave home without a Ziploc bag about their person!

I’ve discover these amazing, totally sealable bags (which come in all sizes) can be a lifesaver during a family holiday; they are perfect for stowing & keeping fresh food items or snacks in, handy to pop a damp facecloth into so you can freshen up on the go & great for keeping loose make-up items altogether.

My favourite & extra smart way to use a Ziploc bag is to safely stow mobile phones, iPods etc into a well sealed bag which should help keep them dry & safe whilst enjoying theme park water rides or during days at the beach.

Honestly the list for usefulness of Ziploc bags in infinite!


  • Luggage Scales

IMG_3299A set of luggage scales really can be a holiday souvenir shoppers best friend as this true story stands as testament –

It’s no secret that I love shopping & if it were an Olympic sport I’d be a gold medalist – this is especially true on my jolly holidays and during one of our visits to Orlando I literally begged my husband to let me buy a rocking chair from outside a Cracker Barrel store – now if he couldn’t prove to me (with the help of the scales) that the rocker was way too heavy to fly home I would have bought it & it would have cost us dearly in excess baggage costs.

Yes I admit it, I am the type of holiday maker who loses all common sense while they’re travelling away from home.



What random item do you take on holiday?  Let me know in the comments below!