3 Steps to a More Organised Garage or Shed

My husband, like many men loves his garage and the space it provides for him to collect & store all his tools, junk and general gubbins in.

However he regularly procrastinates about not being able to find his own stuff…

Having heard now “Have you seen my blankety-blank?” once too many times

It’s high time for me to get him organised!

Here’s my 3 steps to a more organised garage or shed

  • Have a Clear Out & Tidy Up

Take a whole afternoon or heck even a full day to completely clear & tidy your garage space – at first it’ll seem like an over facing, almost impossible task but believe me when it’s done, it’ll be so well worth it!

Much as you would if you were having a purge of junk indoors; make piles or if you’re super organised fill cardboard boxes of stuff to keep, rubbish to take to your local council tip or unwanted goods to donate to charity.

As described in my previous ‘Summer Clear-out’ article this kind of thing is a regular occurrence in my world!


  • Purchase Shelving Units

Purchasing a good quality, solid set of shelves is a brilliant investment buy for any garage or shed space.  After all, let’s face it once installed excellent shelving shouldn’t need replacing for quite some time – if ever!

These great value Storalex shelving bays can be purchased from Tufferman and seriously provide the perfect combination of practicality, sturdiness & price.



Other massive plus points to these Storalex shelves are that they are simple to erect because they’re bolt free, can easily be configured in multiple ways to suit your shed space & currently each order comes with a free rubber assembly mallet!

  • Storage Jars & Labels

Now you’ve de-junked and purchased some beautiful new shelves – it’s time to get totally organised by storing ALL loose items in clear/see through jars and containers  (I use food jars which I’ve run through the dishwasher).

Purchase sticky labels in various sizes & get labelling items which are stored in boxes or non-see through containers.

Jarlabels Garage

So there you go!

Your next weekend’s plan is sorted & soon – so will your garage & shed 

You can thank me later! 


Disclaimer:  For the purpose of this article I was provided with a complimentary set of Storalex shelving.  All views are my own & I retain full editorial content.