A Chilling Tale…..

There’s a chilling craze happening right now in the United States of America…..

No one is safe….men and women from all walks of life, even pop stars and celebrities haven’t been spared.

Of course I’m talking about the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge which has firmly held the USA within it’s icy grip this summer holiday; not unlike Disney’s Frozen at Walt Disney World Resort with their #FrozenSummer of fun,  but I digress…

Okay, it’s not quite as heart stopping as you might have first imagined,  but it is certainly chilling none the less. 

And how do I know this you ask?  Because the Ice Bucket Challenge gauntlet was thrown at my feet yesterday and not being one to turn the other cheek;  I had a frosty, chilling,  absolutely thrilling dousing from a bucket of icy arctic cold water today – all in the name of charity!

How it works:

  • In an outdoor setting you’ll want a friend with a video recording device, a largish bucket (I used my washing tub!) filled with cold water and a ice bucket or similar filled with ice.
  • Get your friend to video you telling the whole wide world about why you’re taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, of course mention your chosen charity and why they’re work is close to your heart.
  • If you remember (I forgot!) nominate 2 friends to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge next, within the next 24 hours or forfeit and donate to charity; or like me and many others – both!
  • Chuck the ice into the water and then throw the icy water over your head!
  • Then share your completed Ice Bucket Challenge video on as many social media channels as possible!

You may well think these crazy pranks are just plain chilly silly and you’ve probably got a valid point.

But here’s the thing…tell me where’s the harm in making a fool of yourself in the name of charity?  (as long as it’s done sensibly and safely)

The worst that can happen is people will roll their eyes and laugh at you!  But surely far more good things will out weigh the bad; like raising public awareness and much needed donations not to mention the added bonus of building your own self confidence too!

Watch me HERE & I won’t mind a bit if you laugh at me or along with me because the real winner is my nominated charity the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust. 

In the name of charity who will you be throwing a bucket of ice cold water over yourself for?  

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